My Vegan Story

This story in not about being vegan, but about improving and growing as a person, which for me included becoming vegan:)

In 2008 I came to US from Kazakhstan, a country where people eat horses. That’s right! And guess what? They are delicious! I won’t eat one for the life of me today, but when I was younger that’s all I knew. We all have to start somewhere.

My first discomfort with killing animals happened when I saw my family kill a sheep for a family reunion. Three men held the sheep while it was screaming and kicking; trying to get away. My grandpa was holding the seep by the head, pulling it back and cutting the sheep’s throat. The knife was very dull and rusty, so he had to cut over and over again. The blood started shooting out of the neck and the sheep felt on the ground shaking and screaming. The noise became unbearable as the vocal cords were cut and this sound was new to me. I stood frozen and watched it die, I couldn’t move or turn away, but I was crying.

Looking back I don’t quite understand why it was okay for a six year old to watch that.

In 2013 the idea of completely changing my eating patterns started to affect my life. I ate less meat, and became contentious about what I was putting in my body. It took few Netflix documentaries and YouTube videos to go vegetarian. Being vegetarian is actually very easy.

People who say that being vegetarian is hard, never tried to be one. And if they did, had no nutritional knowledge of where to start.

My mood improved, I became much happier. But that’s my happy story and another blog post 🙂

It was heart breaking to find out the ugly truth about the egg industry in the US. That’s when I started thinking about becoming vegan. The overwhelming amount of research on cardiovascular disease and cancer being related to animal product consumption, made it obvious that I had to do it not only for the animals, but for my own health as well.

It was terrifying, I won’t lie. I loved cheese! Who doesn’t? The idea of not eating cheese held me back from going vegan for four months at least.

You never know unless you try, and shortly after a 10 Day Water Fast I went vegan:)

That was my vegan story:) My more personal story can be found in this video:)

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