The Magic of Apple Cider Vinegar

My love with apple cider vinegar began two years ago, when my cry for cleaner skin haven’t been answered by any face caring products. I bought a juicer and started actively tracking what I ate, in the mid of my research I went vegetarian and started to work out every day.
One day I came across an article that discussed many benefits of apple cider vinegar including cleaner skin and decided to give it a try. I am very skeptical when it comes to online information as most of it is written by average people like myself who don’t always come from the first hand experience.
First, I started applying a diluted version on Apple cider vinegar on my face once a day. Didn’t see any improvements on my skin, so I bumped it up to two times a day. I followed the routine for a month but didn’t see any difference. It wasn’t until I started drinking it that I have noticed a change. After about a month of two glasses (tbsp of apple cider vinegar in each one) per day I noticed that the irritation in my skin went down. After a year of including this into my daily routine my skin became the cleanest it has ever been. At a two year mark I only get pimples before and during my period. And if I don’t pick at them, they go away quickly. Now if I do pick at them, that’s a whole different story.
Many people I know fluctuate in weight all the time. Some slowly but surely gain weight and others can be like a Yo-Yo up and down from month to month. I have managed to stay within my ball game despite eating like a pig (I eat all the time) 🙂 thought I am pretty active for an average person.
Nothing in my stomach bothers me. I don’t get wired sounds, burbs are something that happens once a month if at all (I don’t drink soda, that helps 🙂 I don’t have acid reflects, something that a lot of people I know struggle with. I used to, but after two years of apple cider vinegar my pH balance must gotten perfect and it’s just good! Nothing to complain about.
Finally, I enjoy the slim look if my stomach despite the ton of food I eat, which I also credit to some extent to apple cider vinegar. I don’t worry about calories. But that’s also because I went vegan and only eat whole foods. People who see me eat are in awe at how much nuts I consume and how much fruit I can eat. Just example, a whole pineapple is a snack. Though the tongue feels kind of funky after that much pineapple.
Aside form all the benefits mentioned above, apple cider vinegar is also helpful in weight loss. And you can find more info on the in the video below.

In conclusion, try it for a month. See how you feel. The taste might not be the best at first, especially for someone who has never done it. But you get used to it with time. If you can’t tolerate it at all try adding agave syrup or some lemon:) If you want to go extra fancy, some mint and ice will do the trick.

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