10 Days Water Fast Pros and Cons

10 Days Water Fast Pros and Cons

Water Fast is a very personal topic to me as that’s how my YouTube channel got started in the first place 🙂 After first hand experience, here are pros and cons list of what I personally found out about the water fasting.


  • Detox: clean skin (my acne cleared up)
    Cleaner skin was one of the reasons why I decided to do a 10 days water fast. And as I am writing this post, my skin is the cleanest it has ever been. I went into relapse right after the fast of my face braking up like crazy, but not that it’s been 8 month aster the fast is the cleanest is ever been. I also went vegan after the fast,so that also contributed to a cleaner skin. However, by back acne stayed the same and is still there.
  • Healing of injuries. Many people claim that after a water fast some chronic illnesses and injuries go away. It didn’t work in my case. Since teenage years my left wrist ave been bothering me every now and then. And sometime would affect my athletic performance especially in pole dance and push ups. After the water fast the pain went away! And after two month it came back. The pain is not as bad now, but that’s due to strength and handstand training and not the water fast part.
  • Getting in touch with your body and realizing how strong it really is, and how little it needs. Many people think that water fasting is something out of this world, but in reality our bodies can survive without food easily for 3 weeks. So 10 Days Water Fast is not even that scary. During the fast I was amazed by how string and adaptable my body is. Which does not mean that you shouldn’t care for it, but don’t be afraid to push your body to it’s limits performance speaking. This has definable helped me to push myself in flexibility and strength training.
  • Clearing up your environment and understanding who truly supports you. It’s important to be surrounded by open minded people, as they help you grow and get better. If you are thinking about doing a water fast, tell people you’re surrounded with and watch their reaction. What you looking for is the mindset that’s open to new ideas without criticizing and going by “the old ways”. If you get “That’s strange, but if you want to do it go ahead, I’ll support you”, those are the people you want to keep. But if you get, “That’s so stupid, why would you do that?”, the support bone is missing here.
  • Weight loss. That’s the obvious one of course and, but I put it last because you should not do a water fast solely for weight loss. Water fast is a detox, not a weight loss program. Losing weight as such a fast rate is unhealthy and you will gain most of it back once you’re done with the fast. Rapid weight loss is unsustainable in the long run, as your weight is a reflection of your lifestyle, and water fast is an interruption of a lifestyle and not a change of it.

Water Fast Pros Video


  • Time Consuming. If you’re doing 10 days water fast, you need 16 days for it. 3 days to prepare, by eating light and mostly raw foods; 3 days to come out by introducing juices and raw foods in the first 3 days after the water fast. Most people won’t be able to function normally during  water fast. If you are working in a stressful environment, you might consider taking time off. Many people regret working during a water fast as they come out drained from the water fast.
  • Muscle loss. Many people believe that you don’t loose any muscle during a water fast and that’s simply not true. We are not bears, as a  bear is the only animal who can fast (hibernate) with almost no muscle loss. Also, keep in mind muscle mass and vital organ muscle mass as well (those are not the same). I experienced irregular heart beats during the fast, as our heart is made of muscle. An average person can easily loose 13 pounds of vital body mass and vital organ tissue on a 21 days water fast. And up to 9 lb on a 10 day water fast. Upon completion of my fast I wasn’t able to preform any physical exercises that I was able to do before I started the fast. It was very frustrating because I had to start from pretty much ground zero, and it took me at least half a year to get back to where I was performance speaking.

More on cons of a 10 Days Water Fast in video below 🙂

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