What is a Healthy Breakfast?

American Journal of Epidemiology published a study which concluded that “Grater number of eating episodes each day was associated with a lower risk of obesity” and “skipping breakfast was associated with increased prevalence of obesity”

American Society for Nutrition published a study in which they found out “women who consumed breakfast irregularly (0–6 times/wk) were at higher risk of T2D than were women who consumed breakfast daily”

And yes, if you are trying to loose weight and skipping breakfast because of that… That’s counter productive. If you choosing which meal to skip, skip dinner instead. I know it’s a tough one, nothing looks sexier at the end of the day than the opened fridge with goodies on one of which you can download and unleash all your frustrations:)

What is considered healthy by FDA?

Well, that’s a tough question that requires about 10 hours of research and a series of videos that I didn’t have time for. But Just so you know FDA does consider raw fruits and vegetables, frozen and canned fruits and vegetables, and an enriched cereal-grain products healthy without sending you to section 101.62 and another two hours of researching something that was not written in a normal English. No wonder Americans are so unhealthy, hey FDA… do you mind making your content more user friendly so not only lobbyists and lawyers of food companies understand what the hell you are talking about. (this is what FDA considers information to the public, I am not getting this one at all πŸ™‚


How does morning breakfast routine affects your body in a long run?
Having breakfast morning will help you to stay fuller during the day. You are also better off eating larger chunk on you daily calorie intake during the first half of the day rather than in the evening when your body is wining down for bed.

What are healthy breakfast alternatives?
Going back to what the FDA considers healthy:Β  raw fruits and vegetables, frozen and canned fruits and vegetables, and an enriched cereal-grain.

I personally disagree on the last one as cereals have preservatives and processed sugar. And instead of cereal you are better off with oats. Not the once that are pre-packaged though and have just as much artificial sugar added, but plain once and you can add whatever you want to them. Steel cut oats are my favorite, with banana, apple, and some nuts… and you got yourself a perfect breakfast.

As far as bacon and eggs go, I don’t consider this option healthy. But don’t take my word for it, because FDA doesn’t either. FDA does not call eggs “nutritious” and considers bacon to be too high in saturated fats to be considered healthy.

In conclusion, stay away form eggs and bacon. Even if that’s what you’ve been eating for years, habits are hard to change, bu this one will be so worth it. Get on the oats game and add some fruit.

As usually all the content is available in the video format below πŸ™‚

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