What is a Healthy Breakfast?

American Journal of Epidemiology published a study which concluded that "Grater number of eating episodes each day was associated with a lower risk of obesity" and "skipping breakfast was associated with increased prevalence of obesity" American Society for Nutrition published a study in which they found out "women who consumed breakfast irregularly (0–6 times/wk) were … Continue reading What is a Healthy Breakfast?

10 Days Water Fast Pros and Cons

10 Days Water Fast Pros and Cons

Water Fast is a very personal topic to me as that's how my YouTube channel got started in the first place 🙂 After first hand experience, here are pros and cons list of what I personally found out about the water fasting. Pros Detox: clean skin (my acne cleared up) Cleaner skin was one of … Continue reading 10 Days Water Fast Pros and Cons